Buckingham Easywipe Bottom Wiper

Buckingham Easywipe Bottom Wiper

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Buckingham Easywipe Bottom Wiper

  • The Easywipe Bottom Wiper extends your reach to assist with wiping after using the toilet
  • Releases the toilet tissue cleanly after wiping without the need to touch the soiled paper
  • Works equally well with toilet tissue or wet wipes
  • Smooth easy to clean design with no dirt traps
  • Latex free and supplied with its own wipe clean carry case

The superb design of the Easywipe bottom wiping toilet aid was a first amongst toileting aids. Thorough research led to the ergonomic shape that helps anyone who has limited dexterity and reach. The Buckingham Easywipe grips the toilet tissue firmly and then release it cleanly using a simple push-button mechanism. The Easywipe removes the need to touch the paper after using, which can be one of the drawbacks with other devices, which require you to remove the soiled paper by hand.

To download the Easywipe Bottom Wiper Instructions please click on the link below

Easywipe Bottom Wiper Instructions

Watch the video below to see how the Buckingham Easywipe Bottom Wiper works

Buckingham Compact Easy Wipe
  • Manufactured by: Buckingham Healthcare
  • paul sinclair - 06 Jun 2011

    The Easywipe was recommended to me by a friend who had recently had back surgery and could not twist to clean himself properly. I suffer from...

  • Emma Jones - 14 May 2013

    This is the standard version of the compact easywipe. This is the one to use at home as it doesn't fold up and so isn't easily transportable....

  • Carrie B. - 21 Dec 2018

    This product is a lifesaver! Fractured my back and was fitted with a brace and was unable to twist. After a few months use I had a minor issue with...

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