Buckingham Pocket Easywipe Personal Hygiene Aid

Buckingham Pocket Easywipe Personal Hygiene Aid

£28.89 Ex VAT
£34.67 Inc VAT

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  • Keith Haithwaite - 03 Mar 2016

    Thanks to the very helpful people at Buckingham I now have a new Easywipe for which I am extremely grateful. It is by far the best I have used.

  • Geoffrey Richardson - 20 Jun 2013

    What a fantastic product! It has given me a bit more personal privacy & independence. I have 2 - one downstairs & one upstairs. Recently one of the 'carry cases' split around the top. When I enquired about buying a replacement via e-mail one of the Directors got in touch & offered to send it FREE OF CHARGE. Imagine my surprise when his next e-mail said that he had arranged for TWO carry cases to be sent!! Brilliant.