Buckingham Pocket Easywipe Personal Hygiene Aid

Buckingham Pocket Easywipe Personal Hygiene Aid

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Buckingham Pocket Easywipe Personal Hygiene Aid

The Buckingham Pocket Easywipe is a bottom wiping aid designed to assist anyone with limited mobility with personal cleansing after using the toilet. It works very well with either flushable wipes or toilet tissue.

  • The most compact bottom wiping device on the market, folding down to just 16cm (6 ¼”), x 2.5cm ( 1”) x 3.5cm (1 ½”) allowing it to fit easily into your pocket or handbag
  • Folds out to 38cm (15”) to extend your reach to clean where you can’t
  • Designed to assist with wiping clean after using the toilet if you have difficulty reaching
  • Fits neatly and discreetly into the attractive soft touch carry pouch (included)
  • Releases toilet tissue after use by simply shaking the bottom wiper without any need to touch the soiled paper

Take a look at the short video below showing how the Pocket Easywipe Bottom Wiping Aid works

Buckingham Pocket Easywipe

The Pocket-sized Folding Bottom Wiping Aid

The Pocket Easywipe is the latest innovation in the Buckingham Easywipe range of bottom wipers. It folds down into just 16cm (6 ¼"), x 2.5cm (1") x 3.5cm (1 ½"), making it the most compact and discreet bottom wiping aid on the market. It can easily fit in your pocket or handbag, so you can have it to hand whenever and wherever you need it.

Long Reach Bottom Wiping Aid

Not only it the Pocket Easywipe ultra compact, it also extends to 38cm / 15” giving you a longer reach than other bottom wipers.

Comfortable and Easy to Use

The soft touch handle is easy to grip and hold and the toilet tissue is securely gripped during use. Once you’ve used the toilet tissue it then can be dropped into the toilet easily by gently shaking the bottom wiping aid.

Versatile Personal Hygiene Aid

The Pocket Easywipe is a versatile perosnal hygiene aid. It can be used to clean the vaginal and anal area after using the toilet and can be used between the legs, from the front or from behind, whilst seated on the toilet. This makes it ideal if you have restricted movement or limited mobility.

Hygienic Design

The Bottom Wiping Aid is supplied with a soft carry pouch for hygiene which also makes it very discreet. The Pocket Easywipe has a soft, smooth and rounded design which makes it comfortable to use and easy to clean.

You can download the Pocket Easywipe Bottom Wiper Instructions below

Pocket Easywipe Instructions
Specification Product
Product Code
Height (cm) 3.5
Width (cm) 2.5
Length (cm) 16
Width between armrests N/A
Back bar to front support N/A
Depth including footplate N/A
Width including armrests N/A
Folded Dimensions (cm) N/A
Product Weight 80g
EAN Barcode 5060538660003
Packaging Weight
Packaged Weight 100g
Packaged Dimensions (cm) 17x3x9
Maximum User Weight N/A
Maximum Total Load N/A
Outer Box Quantity
Outer Box Dimensions (cm)
Outer Box Weight
Packaging Type Retail Box
  • Manufactured by: Buckingham Healthcare
  • Keith Haithwaite - 03 Mar 2016

    Thanks to the very helpful people at Buckingham I now have a new Easywipe for which I am extremely grateful. It is by far the best I have used.

  • Geoffrey Richardson - 20 Jun 2013

    What a fantastic product! It has given me a bit more personal privacy & independence. I have 2 - one downstairs & one upstairs. Recently one of the...

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