BraBuddy Bra Fastening Aid

BraBuddy Bra Fastening Aid

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BraBuddy Bra Fastening Aid

  • This unique bra dressing aid allows you to easily put on a bra using just one hand
  • Using the accessory makes putting on a bra easier if you struggle with fastening fiddly bra straps
  • Assists you by holding one end of the bra while you pull the other end of the strap around the body to fasten the hooks and eyes
  • Allows ladies with limited reach or mobility to dress independently without needing to ask for help or use an adaptive bra
  • Suitable for most styles of bra

The Buckingham BraBuddy takes the effort out of bra dressing completely, as it not only holds one end of the bra in-place, but it also brings the other end of the bra around the body enabling you to easily couple up the hooks and eyes.

Designing a product that enables ladies to dress independently has been an immense challenge for Occupational Therapist Chris Buckingham. The bra buddy is one of a kind and will make dressing a much simpler task. There is no longer a need to ask for help or buy adaptive bras. It gives ladies the independence that they deserve.

The Bra Buddy is suitable for ladies that have suffered a dense stroke or only have one the use of one functioning hand.

Bra Buddy Instructions

Please take a look at the demonstration video below to see for yourself how the BraBuddy Works

Learn to Use Buckingham Bra Buddy
  • Manufactured by: Buckingham Healthcare

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