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How to Put on a Bra with Only One Hand Using the Buckingham BraBuddy Dressing Aid

Have you ever struggled to put on your bra due to limited mobility? Perhaps you’ve had shoulder surgery or broken your arm. Or you’ve had a stroke so only have the use of one arm? If so, then I know how frustrating this can be as I’ve seen it first-hand.

Putting on a Bra with One Hand is extremely difficult!!!

While I was working in a hospital on the stroke unit as an OT, I realised how difficult it was to put a bra on using just one hand. The effects of Stroke can be devastating and reduced mobility is just one of the many impacts a stroke can have on someone’s quality of life.

The Stroke Association has produced some staggering statistics in their latest 2018 State of the Nation Report.

  • More than three-quarters of stroke survivors report arm weakness, which can make it difficult for people to carry out daily living activities, such as washing and dressing.
  • There are more than 100,000 strokes in the UK each year.
  • In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 84% of patients leave hospital requiring help with their daily living activities (occupational therapy), but 20% of those who need help will not receive it.
  • Around 1 in 5 women will have a stroke in their life.
  • In a survey of over 1,000 stroke survivors conducted in 2015, 4 in 10 people told us the physical impact of stroke was the hardest to deal with.

Yet, despite these devastating statistics, nothing existed on the market to help women who have difficulty putting on a bra after suffering a stroke.

So, I invented the solution myself. The solution was the Buckingham Bra Buddy – a handy dressing aid that allows you to put on bra independently with one hand.

The BraBuddy dressing aid is completely unique and works by holding one end of your bra in place, while you bring the other end around your body, so you can fasten it.

How to Use the BraBuddy to Put on a Bra with One Hand

In this step by step guide, I’ll walk you through exactly how to use it. Alternatively, you can watch the video below if you prefer.

Setting up to use the BraBuddy

  • Sit upright either on your bed or a comfortable chair.
  • Place the base of your BraBuddy firmly between your thighs.
  • Next, pull the strapping out of the funnel and let it drop down between your legs

Using the BraBuddy to fasten your Bra

  • Pick up your bra and place the eyelet end of your bra strap into the fixed upper clasp of the BraBuddy.

BraBuddy Dressig Aid. Attaching the bra strap.

  • The hook end of the bra strap slots into the second BraBuddy clasp – the one with the strapping attached to it.

Brabuddy Dressing Aid Hook end of Bra Strap Attachment

  • Now, pull that clasp away from you as far as you can.
  • Keep pulling until there’s enough strapping to lift it up and over your head.

BraBuddy Dressing Aid in Use

  • The strapping should now be wrapped right around your body
  • Arrange your bra, so that it can be pulled around you.

The Bra Buddy ddressing aid in use. The bra posiitoned ready to be pulled around a ladies body.

  • Then tug the strapping back through the BraBuddy – so that your bra is tugged behind your back.

A lady tugging a bra behind her back using the BraBuddy Dressing Aid

  • Take hold of this end of your bra strap and slide it away from the BraBuddy clasp.

A lady sliding a bra starp of the BraBuddy

  • Fasten the hooks and eyes of your bra together

Two bra straps being fastened together using the BraBuddy Dressing Aid

  • Then, lift the bra up and away from the BraBuddy

Fitting the Bra into Position

  • With the BraBuddy’s job done, tidy up the strapping, and put it to one side.
  • Now, pull your bra around in front of you so that one cup is behind your good arm. The other cup should be in front of your shoulder – fold down this cup.

A lsy putting on a bra after using the BraBuddy Dressing aid

  • Pick up your arm and place your hand through the bra strap to support it.

A lady placing her non-functioning arm through a bra strap after using the Bra Buddy

  • Move your bra back into position, then pull the strap onto your shoulder

A lady putting on a bra after using the BraBuddy Dressing Aid

  • Now slide you good arm through the other strap.
  • You’ve now put your bra on independently using only one hand!

A Bra Dressing Aid for Ladies with Limited Mobility

This ingenious Bra Dressing Aid is ideal for ladies who have limited mobility or only have the use of one functioning arm such as:

  • Ladies who have suffered a dense stroke
  • Ladies who have a shoulder injury or have had recent shoulder surgery
  • Women who have broken an arm
  • Anyone who has limited reach or dexterity and struggles to put on a bra independently

The BraBuddy is a unique dressing accessory that eliminates the need for specialist adaptive bras and is suitable for use with most styles of bra.

You may also be interested in this post providing advice on using dressing aids.

For more information please visit the BraBuddy product page:

Advice On Using Dressing Aids

For anyone with health issues and disabilities, dressing can be extremely challenging. Struggling with taking off night time clothes, only to then have to redress for the morning, can feel soul destroying. Luckily there are a variety of dressing aids available today to make this daily activity easier if you have limited mobility or a disability.

I have long known and commiserated with the difficulties with putting on a bra. We all know how awkward it can be, even without any physical restrictions.

Women of any age who have weakness in their upper limbs following a stroke, arthritis, or a broken limb in a cast, find it very difficult, or even impossible, to bring both ends of a bra together and can often require help to dress. Let’s be honest, we ladies quite often would like some privacy and independence to do such things ourselves.

An image of a lady putting on a bra using the Bra Buddy dressing aid.

The Buckingham BraBuddy allows you to put a bra on using just one hand.


BraBuddy Dressing Aid

Wanting to solve this particular problem for ladies everywhere is what has moved me to develop the Buckingham BraBuddy. The BraBuddy Dressing Aid is placed around the neck and positioned between the cleavage, a soft chin pad helps to maintain the position, whilst allowing you to clearly see the fastenings.

It’s even possible for women with only one arm to put on their bra completely independently.

Putting On Socks & Tights

Of course, once we have mastered that, tights loom up large in the mind. We’ve found a women’s tights dressing aid, to make this task easier if you’ve less strength in the upper body or limited movement. We mustn’t neglect the men here of course, they might need help with putting on a sock.

Although I confess, the item is called a women’s stocking dressing aid, (it can be used with stockings!), men and women find using this aid much easier. The sock is fed onto the stocking aid, you place your foot into the sock. Then using the handles simply pull upwards to slide your socks on – voila!

Being Able To Reach Again

One item that quickly comes to mind when I consider the task of dressing is the Dressing Stick , or some people call it the reacher dressing aid. Essentially it’s a wooden handle with a large dressing hook at one end, and a smaller one at the other, to cover a large range of tasks.

For example, putting on jackets or shirts, skirts or even trousers. You can now achieve this, without the twisting and fighting with clothes, that can happen without this aid.

Hooking Up with The Zip Puller

A couple of seemingly innocent everyday items can make people want to jump back into bed. Yes, they are the button and the zip!

I am sure you are all with me when I say how frustrating they can be. I was particularly pleased when I found the Button Hook and Zip Puller. It’s really good value for money, and great for giving you back your independence.

The Kingpin Of Dressing Aids

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the Long Shoehorn with hooked handle. This shoehorn is so useful, that it’s often used by people with no disability or mobility problems at all. Shoes can be so unmanageable without it.

Maybe some of these ideas will help to take some of the frustrations out of your daily living.

I recently met a lady, who had an arm amputated, and wasn’t looking forward to her husband having to dress her every day. The BraAngel, in particular, put a smile back on her face, and I hope that you have found something to help you too.


Using Reachers For Independent Living

Elderly, Disabled, Injured? Is housework out of your reach? Are you a carer of someone who is elderly, disabled, injured or someone who has a disabling illness or perhaps you have one of these conditions yourself. If that is so, then you will benefit from this informative article. We’re discussing the variety, great value and multiple benefits of Reachers, often called grabbers.

Reachers Feature In Disability Aids Range

buckingham-combi-reacherLiving at home and carrying out simple tasks like housework can be very painful. With lots of chores to perform, when you have restricted mobility all tasks can take longer to accomplish.

Should you benefit from having a dutiful carer, does that help have a high price tag? Having to swallow ones pride and ask many times for your volunteer carer is always going to leave you with negative feelings.

Then you have to put up with the inevitable long wait, as we know someone else’s timescale is always different to our own. Do we then ask a second person for the help? Will two people turn up at the same time after you’ve waited hours for both? Most embarrasing! This is why simple devices that allow you to help yourself can be so beneficial. Not least of these are Reachers.

We have a selection of these in our Disability Aids range

Using reachers Means Independence

Generally I’ve found that most of us would prefer to do whatever we can for ourselves. But after some of the injuries I have seen, often suffered by the over zealous amongst ourselves, we really should use good tools like reachers to help us.

This will reduce the need to put our own bodies at risk. Simple movements that were once easy are now proving to be impossible and can be the hardest to face. For example, just applying moisturising lotions, suntan oils, creams and medications on difficult to reach areas can be really frustrating.

People don’t always want to ask for help and then have to wait for that help.

Trouble With Putting On Ointments And Lotions

To remedy this we have found a specially designed long handled lotion applicator to reach those difficult places. This lotion applicator has a built up, ribbed handle with a thumb rest and is angled in two places for maximum manoeuvrability. The sponge is even replaceable.

Long Handled Combi Reachers

Just picking up the most mundane items around the home when doing the housework becomes beyond our ability unaided. This is where another of the reachers comes into its own. The Long Handled Combi Reacher Grabber is very handy. Lightweight and robust, this long handled reacher grabber is ideal for picking up everyday items around the home. Perfect for those who have difficulty bending or reaching.

The four finger trigger action makes it easy to hold and is especially suitable for those with a limited grip and has no skin traps. Letters and newspapers are easily scooped up. It has rubber lined, extra wide jaws which provide extra grip when lifting heavier objects. The jaws will even revolve 360 degrees to avoid you having to rotate your wrist, which of course can be very painful for some users otherwise. The size of this is very surprising, as it can be chosen in 26″ and 32″ lengths.

Reachers For Short Term Problems

If you have a temporary injury and therefore do not need something quite so comprehensive, there are reachers to help you. What you’re searching for maybe the Handy Reacher.

This is an economy version which sits well in amongst the range of Reachers. It has a trigger design, ideal for picking up objects in the home or garden and you’ll find that it is light and easy to use.

Disability Aids Support Your Independence

I think you will find that with a couple of items like quality reachers to assist you, being self-sufficient will be just that little bit easier. After all it is more important to keep your health and fitness as much as you can, especially while getting through your day as easily as possible, maintaining your independence.

Click To See Our Full Range Of High Quality, Disability Aids
An image of a lady putting on a bra using the Bra Buddy dressing aid.

Have you ever tried to put on a bra by only using one hand?


I would challenge anyone to give it a go. No matter how hard you try to hold onto one end its impossible to bring both ends of the bra together in order to connect the hooks and eyes. In fact, donning a bra is tricky for most of us that have the use of both hands so for those who only have the use of one hand being able to carry out this dressing activity has been impossible.

New Buckingham bra buddy

As an Occupational Therapist working with ladies that were recovering from suffering a stroke, it became obvious that despite my training I couldn’t find any solution to this dressing problem. There was no ”magic technique” or experienced therapist available to pass on a tried and tested method that would enable the user to dress independently. Despite carrying out extensive research into this area, I couldn’t find anyone that was selling a product that could help with the task.

What I also noticed with my stroke ladies is that this “simple” task was incredibly frustrating for them because although they could master other dressing techniques to put on their tops or trousers, they always had to ask for someone else (usually their husband or carer), to do up their bra and unless they were happy to wear a flimsy sports bra they often went without. This had a definite impact on their level of self-esteem and in some cases by not wearing a bra, that they had been used to doing for decades, it resulted in them feeling in some way… less feminine.

The difficulty with bra dressing has challenged me for a few years and it has been a difficult problem to resolve. I was keen to ensure that even a patient with a dense hemiplegia would and should be able to dress independently without having to buy an expensive adaptive bra or ask for help.

I am really pleased to announce that I have finally solved this problem and will soon be launching a new product to our Buckingham range.  The Buckingham Bra Buddy is one of a kind as it is the only product available that brings both ends of a standard bra together and enables the user to independently put on their bra even if they only have the use of one hand.

It’s a real breakthrough for ladies and I hope that you will be able to spare a few minutes to watch the demonstration video and see for yourself how the Buckingham BraBuddy works.