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The Importance of Daily Living and Mobility Aids for the Elderly

Having elderly loved ones can be very challenging – especially if they have a disability or limited mobility. Unless you’re able to be a full-time carer, it’s very difficult to help your loved one around the clock, no matter how much you’d like to.

Trying to balance your schedule and taking care of an ageing relative or friend can be very stressful. That’s why investing in a few affordable mobility aids is so important. The wide range of mobility aids available can help seniors maintain their independence and enjoy everything life has to offer as they continue to age. Mobility aids are ideal for older people who can still walk but need a little help and support.

Many choices for Mobility Aids for the elderly

There are many different mobility aids you can consider, depending on the type of support your loved one needs. It’s a good idea to discuss mobility issues together as well as with a medical professional. This helps you to decide on the degree of care required to keep your loved one active and safe. You can separate daily living and mobility aids into several categories, depending on function. That’s why figuring out what issues you need to address before you decide on to buy a product is so important. You can find more by visiting the mobility aids section of this site.

daily-living051The more popular types

Some of the most widely used mobility aids include light-support products such as chair raisers, different types of walkers and various toilet aids. They’re ideal for people who are still active but have lost some mobility. The available products can make normal movement easier and safer. Chair raisers are perfect for the elderly who have a hard time getting up and down. They can be used in the living room, bedroom or anywhere your loved one spends a lot of time. They can make any type of seating more comfortable and accessible for seniors with limited mobility.

Mobility Aids for the elderly give great assistance

Many seniors also use walkers and bathroom aids to make everyday activities easier and safer. Walkers can range from simple canes to advanced walking frames depending on the amount of support required. If you have a loved one who requires a lot of assistance when walking, then you may want to look into folding walkers that provide a maximum amount of support. Buckingham Healthcare offers an innovative walking frame caddy that includes a tray and a pannier, which makes it more convenient to carry meals and personal items.

Top Options With Mobility Aids for Elderly People

Getting older is not without its challenges, hence the need for excellent mobility aids for the elderly. Getting around in old age can be a difficult task for some. Thankfully there are many products available today that offer a lot of help in that area.

Mobility aids come in many different forms, which is why it is important to understand an elderly man or woman’s needs when assisting them in purchasing one.

The range of products available is vast –  from canes to walkers and wheelchairs. Some products offer more support than others, and all vary in what kind of assistance they provide. It’s important to consider an elderly person’s medical issues and advice from their doctor when choosing a mobility aid.Image of a lady using the EasyCaddy with a folding walking frame in the kitchen.

Get The best for the End User

By using mobility aids, elderly people are able to retain independence – rather than relying on someone to get around. This is more rewarding and undoubtedly raises their activity levels and self-esteem. Keep in mind, though, they will need to learn how to use their mobility aid properly. They may need some help from a Physiotherapist, to get used to using the mobility aid.

Is The Particular Disability Device The Best Choice?

Be aware, though, that not all elderly people will benefit from a walking frame or cane. Many are able to get around just fine without one, and some may not be able to even with one. Don’t automatically assume that because your elderly loved one is having trouble getting around that a mobility aid is the answer (even though it often is). Be sure to always speak to a doctor or physical therapist first before making any decisions or purchases. And finally, make sure that whatever you do, to consider the interest of the person in question.

Better Choices of Walking Aids for the Disabled

As time marches on, we find many things change. Sometimes the most major changes occur within our own bodies. Our bones become weaker, as does our sight, and maybe even our overall health. When we get to the point that our legs just don’t want to work the way we would prefer them to it may be the time to look into walking aids.

Image of a standard wheeled walking frame

Wheelchairs or walking aids

Granted, no one wants to be disabled. Some people, however, may actually be born with an ailment that puts them into this category. Others, on the other hand, become disabled because they grow older and things happen within the body. Now, this doesn’t realwalkers032ly mean that any of us would get to the point where we need a wheelchair, but perhaps walking aids is the better choice. These aids would include walker frames, rollators, ambulatory walkers and such.

You can find more on our products pages at our Healthcare Products & Walking Aids pages.

Quality mobility aids are the key

The point behind such products is mobility. The manufacturers want the individual to regain freedom so that they are ambulatory allowing the user to be able to take walks, do their own shopping or anything else that requires walking. Walking aids also bring about a good sense of safety since the owner of this type of device would no longer have to look forward to falling all the time, for instance, but rather remain stable as they hold on to their walkers.

Many different types of Walking aids for the disabled

There are several brands and types of walkers available in the market place and because of this, the task may seem a daunting one when looking to purchase a walking aid. A walker can support up to half of one’s body weight. They come with one or a combination of the following: rollers, wheels, and rubber feet. It depends upon what point a patient may be at in which would be the appropriate match. It is always best to check with one’s doctor. The patient not only will be safer, but studies suggest that an increase in oxygen with a walker’s use can actually make the patient healthier as well as the increase in healthy blood rates.

Designed by healthcare professionals

Some prime examples of walking aids come from Buckingham Healthcare, a company ran by healthcare professionals. Walking Frames are available for those who are always on the move and the added plus is some of them fold down flat for easy travel and storage. The Standable Rollator is a bit of an upgraded version of the standard walker. This also is lightweight aluminium and this product comes with handles and brakes as well as a padded seat with removable backrest. For people who like to go on walks, but run out of energy along the way, this would be a perfect choice. Similarly, the Shopping Partner is a folding rollator with terrific support for while the user is out. With its large shopping basket and seat, as well as a removable tray, it’s a perfect item for the shoppers. If you don’t enjoy four wheels, try the Tri Wheel Partner. This folds down to fit inside any car boot and can accept bags or baskets as attachments.

Shopping for the end users needs

Whatever need there is; there is a bountiful array of walking aids. Check on the needs of the person who is to use such a device, double check with the doctor and hit the pavement! Shopping for such devices does not need to be hard.

Understanding Walking Aids For The Disabled

An image of a woman using a walking stick while walking along a pierLiving with a mental or physical disability is unimaginable for many people, and a harsh reality for many others and makes Walking aids for the disabled an essential. Luckily, many disabled men and women do have loved ones to look after and take care of them. Taking care of a disabled person in spite of many modern facilities is no easy task, and requires a lot of time and dedication.

SAC2 (6)Thankfully, there are products on the market to assist the mentally and physically disabled in everyday tasks, which take a lot of the burden off of the caregiver. Even though no tangible object can be a replacement for a human being’s assistance, many will suffice for certain common tasks such as getting around and reaching for items on higher levels. This is where modern mobility aids come into the equation.

Varieties Of Walking Aids For The Disabled

Walking aids for the disabled range from walking aids more commonly used by the elderly such as canes and walkers, to those more aimed at the physically disabled such as wheelchairs and crutches. While canes and walkers can be of assistance to the physically disabled as well depending on the severity of the physical disability, most require much more support. For this reason, mobility aids such as wheelchairs are more appropriate, as they are able to assist the more severely restricted such as those suffering from paraplegia and quadriplegia. These conditions unfortunately prevent their sufferers from walking altogether, which makes a wheelchair the most appropriate solution.

From Walking Aids For The Disabled To Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs make it possible for these physically disabled people to get around without assistance, and greatly improve their quality of life. These devices in general literally become such a part of the people that use them, that they are as vital to their lives as glasses (or contact lenses) are to the visually impaired. This is what puts so much importance on choosing the most suitable type of walking aid for the disabled person in your life. They are already suffering the unimaginable, and they deserve to have the freedom to get around and live their lives as best they can without having to be tended to.

Walking Aids For The Disabled Can Be A Great Investment For Everyone

Buying a walking aid will give a disabled person the freedom and help they deserve and will take a load off of their caregiver(s) at the same time. Walking aids for the disabled are an essential investment just as they are for the elderly and anyone else who needs help getting around for any reason. Show the disabled person in your life that you care about them and their well-being and purchase the best ‘walking aids for the disabled‘ that you can for them and their needs.

Popular Types of Mobility Aids for Elderly People

An image of a lady sat on a rollator while chatting to her friends outside.If you are getting older and are likely to be confined to bed, you should think about mobility aids for elderly people to improve your lifestyle. When you are immobilized in your bed or inside the house, having disability aids can be a breath of fresh air. Having disability aids means making your own cup of coffee or going outside the house without the help of an assistant or caregiver. A long time ago, when patients had injuries, arthritis or had any condition that immobilized them, there was little to be done about it. Life Changing Mobility Aids for Elderly People

walkers033By purchasing disability aids, you can easily get down, up and around as well as do what everybody else is doing. Before looking for any mobility aids for elderly you should first find out what is available out there for your problem or condition, whether it is simply moving around the house, getting out of bed, taking a shower or even taking a long field trip. You can check online for web sites that offer mobility aids for elderly to find prices and more information. There are actually hundreds of disability aids products that are especially designed for older people.

You can find more on our products pages at our Healthcare Products & Mobility Aids pages.

Walking up and down the stairs is something that young people do almost daily. However, for many elderly people it is a task that is almost impossible to complete without the help of a caregiver. For elderly people, a chair lifter can give them back their independence. Chair lifters are designed to improve your lifestyle and allow you to be able to go up and down the stairs as easily as possible.

There are some of those mobility aids for elderly that really improve your lifestyle and giving the meaning of getting older a different sense. If you feel that you can’t climb the stairs as you used to, give it a try. After using a chair lifter you will never look back.

Wheelchairs To Walk-In Baths

Another very popular type of mobility aids for elderly is the walk in bath. The name of this item is quite self-explanatory. Getting a walk in bath installed can improve your daily life within your home, by permitting you to securely enter or exit the shower without needing any assistance. The great advantages of walk in baths are their easy installation and easy operation. With a wide variety of sizes and models to fit most bathrooms, you will not take the risk of falling down in your bath ever again.

Using State Of The Art Technology

There is a lot more information on the specific products that may be of benefit to you at our Mobility Aids For Elderly People products pages. Getting older and being largely confined to your bed or house is the thing of the past due to the existence of modern devices. Nowadays, there are many models of disability aids that are designed for your special needs. Whether you feel you can no longer walk around the house or can’t get up from your chair, you should give these mobility aids a try. Say goodbye to your permanent caregiver or assistants and start living the life you were meant to live, using the state of the art mobility aids for elderly people that were built especially for your special needs.

Using Reachers For Independent Living

Elderly, Disabled, Injured? Is housework out of your reach? Are you a carer of someone who is elderly, disabled, injured or someone who has a disabling illness or perhaps you have one of these conditions yourself. If that is so, then you will benefit from this informative article. We’re discussing the variety, great value and multiple benefits of Reachers, often called grabbers.

Reachers Feature In Disability Aids Range

buckingham-combi-reacherLiving at home and carrying out simple tasks like housework can be very painful. With lots of chores to perform, when you have restricted mobility all tasks can take longer to accomplish.

Should you benefit from having a dutiful carer, does that help have a high price tag? Having to swallow ones pride and ask many times for your volunteer carer is always going to leave you with negative feelings.

Then you have to put up with the inevitable long wait, as we know someone else’s timescale is always different to our own. Do we then ask a second person for the help? Will two people turn up at the same time after you’ve waited hours for both? Most embarrasing! This is why simple devices that allow you to help yourself can be so beneficial. Not least of these are Reachers.

We have a selection of these in our Disability Aids range

Using reachers Means Independence

Generally I’ve found that most of us would prefer to do whatever we can for ourselves. But after some of the injuries I have seen, often suffered by the over zealous amongst ourselves, we really should use good tools like reachers to help us.

This will reduce the need to put our own bodies at risk. Simple movements that were once easy are now proving to be impossible and can be the hardest to face. For example, just applying moisturising lotions, suntan oils, creams and medications on difficult to reach areas can be really frustrating.

People don’t always want to ask for help and then have to wait for that help.

Trouble With Putting On Ointments And Lotions

To remedy this we have found a specially designed long handled lotion applicator to reach those difficult places. This lotion applicator has a built up, ribbed handle with a thumb rest and is angled in two places for maximum manoeuvrability. The sponge is even replaceable.

Long Handled Combi Reachers

Just picking up the most mundane items around the home when doing the housework becomes beyond our ability unaided. This is where another of the reachers comes into its own. The Long Handled Combi Reacher Grabber is very handy. Lightweight and robust, this long handled reacher grabber is ideal for picking up everyday items around the home. Perfect for those who have difficulty bending or reaching.

The four finger trigger action makes it easy to hold and is especially suitable for those with a limited grip and has no skin traps. Letters and newspapers are easily scooped up. It has rubber lined, extra wide jaws which provide extra grip when lifting heavier objects. The jaws will even revolve 360 degrees to avoid you having to rotate your wrist, which of course can be very painful for some users otherwise. The size of this is very surprising, as it can be chosen in 26″ and 32″ lengths.

Reachers For Short Term Problems

If you have a temporary injury and therefore do not need something quite so comprehensive, there are reachers to help you. What you’re searching for maybe the Handy Reacher.

This is an economy version which sits well in amongst the range of Reachers. It has a trigger design, ideal for picking up objects in the home or garden and you’ll find that it is light and easy to use.

Disability Aids Support Your Independence

I think you will find that with a couple of items like quality reachers to assist you, being self-sufficient will be just that little bit easier. After all it is more important to keep your health and fitness as much as you can, especially while getting through your day as easily as possible, maintaining your independence.

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