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Chair Risers Are Making Life Easier In The Home For Many

Acknowledging that you are no longer as agile and flexible as you used to be can be very discouraging. Many people put it off for months, and even years, until their lives become increasingly difficult. Ignoring the signs of ageing can make everyday tasks and errands excruciating, and it can have a significant negative impact on your quality of life. Image of a set of four bed and chair raisers.Aging is a natural process, and it doesn’t have to be intimidating and stressful. You are simply moving into the next phase of your life. With the use of basic living aids, like chair risers, you can make your life easier without spending a lot of money. Besides being incredibly helpful for people who are experiencing stiffness and pain when sitting up or down due to getting older, chair risers are also useful for people with disabilities and other mobility issues.

Chair Risers Are an Economical Easy Solution To Mobility Problems

Deciding whether you need to use chair risers depends on your unique needs and situation. If you are having trouble sitting down and getting up from seating furniture, it’s a sure sign that you might be in need of chair risers. The source of your mobility issues is not as important as recognising that you need help. Whether you are getting older, have recently been injured or have an ongoing disability, there is no reason why you should deal with pain and difficulty of movement when help is so readily available.

You can find more on our products pages at our Healthcare Products & Mobility Aids pages.

Chair Risers Are Good For All Furniture!

Chair risers, as well as bed and table risers are among the most popular living aids available in today’s market because most people experience problems with movement at some point in their lives. The majority of seniors find that sitting and getting up becomes more difficult as they continue to age. The issue is a common part of the ageing process and is completely normal, so there is no reason to feel stressed out if you suddenly start to experience joint stiffness and a decline in your sense of balance. The problem is easily fixable with simple mobility aids like chair risers. Because they are very affordable and easy to install, chair risers are also great for people with temporary injuries. If you are recovering from a serious injury, using risers can help you speed up the healing process and reduce pain associated with movement. They can also be an effective solution to ongoing mobility issues among people with disabilities.

Low Cost, Easy To Use, Movable & Available

If you are having a hard time with using your own furniture, it’s time to look into installing basic mobility aids such as chair risers. Low-cost and low-maintenance, chair risers can change your life for the better and help you avoid the risk of injuries that are associated with limited mobility. Professional healthcare companies, like Buckingham Healthcare mobility and disability aids, sell affordable chair, bed and table risers that can be used by anyone who has problems getting up and sitting down. If you think risers can help you, remember to get a few sets to for the furniture that you use the most. Quality furniture risers will last for a long time, and make your home safer and more comfortable.

Using Reachers For Independent Living

Elderly, Disabled, Injured? Is housework out of your reach? Are you a carer of someone who is elderly, disabled, injured or someone who has a disabling illness or perhaps you have one of these conditions yourself. If that is so, then you will benefit from this informative article. We’re discussing the variety, great value and multiple benefits of Reachers, often called grabbers.

Reachers Feature In Disability Aids Range

buckingham-combi-reacherLiving at home and carrying out simple tasks like housework can be very painful. With lots of chores to perform, when you have restricted mobility all tasks can take longer to accomplish.

Should you benefit from having a dutiful carer, does that help have a high price tag? Having to swallow ones pride and ask many times for your volunteer carer is always going to leave you with negative feelings.

Then you have to put up with the inevitable long wait, as we know someone else’s timescale is always different to our own. Do we then ask a second person for the help? Will two people turn up at the same time after you’ve waited hours for both? Most embarrasing! This is why simple devices that allow you to help yourself can be so beneficial. Not least of these are Reachers.

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Using reachers Means Independence

Generally I’ve found that most of us would prefer to do whatever we can for ourselves. But after some of the injuries I have seen, often suffered by the over zealous amongst ourselves, we really should use good tools like reachers to help us.

This will reduce the need to put our own bodies at risk. Simple movements that were once easy are now proving to be impossible and can be the hardest to face. For example, just applying moisturising lotions, suntan oils, creams and medications on difficult to reach areas can be really frustrating.

People don’t always want to ask for help and then have to wait for that help.

Trouble With Putting On Ointments And Lotions

To remedy this we have found a specially designed long handled lotion applicator to reach those difficult places. This lotion applicator has a built up, ribbed handle with a thumb rest and is angled in two places for maximum manoeuvrability. The sponge is even replaceable.

Long Handled Combi Reachers

Just picking up the most mundane items around the home when doing the housework becomes beyond our ability unaided. This is where another of the reachers comes into its own. The Long Handled Combi Reacher Grabber is very handy. Lightweight and robust, this long handled reacher grabber is ideal for picking up everyday items around the home. Perfect for those who have difficulty bending or reaching.

The four finger trigger action makes it easy to hold and is especially suitable for those with a limited grip and has no skin traps. Letters and newspapers are easily scooped up. It has rubber lined, extra wide jaws which provide extra grip when lifting heavier objects. The jaws will even revolve 360 degrees to avoid you having to rotate your wrist, which of course can be very painful for some users otherwise. The size of this is very surprising, as it can be chosen in 26″ and 32″ lengths.

Reachers For Short Term Problems

If you have a temporary injury and therefore do not need something quite so comprehensive, there are reachers to help you. What you’re searching for maybe the Handy Reacher.

This is an economy version which sits well in amongst the range of Reachers. It has a trigger design, ideal for picking up objects in the home or garden and you’ll find that it is light and easy to use.

Disability Aids Support Your Independence

I think you will find that with a couple of items like quality reachers to assist you, being self-sufficient will be just that little bit easier. After all it is more important to keep your health and fitness as much as you can, especially while getting through your day as easily as possible, maintaining your independence.

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The Growth of the UK Disability Aids Market

Image of a hand drawn bar chart and line with arrow showing growth.The UK disability aids market is continuing to expand at a startling rate, despite the dire state of the economy. It seems that products such as mobility scooters, stair lifts and other disability equipment.

According to studies, this is explained by a person’s ever-increasing life expectancy, which has led to a higher population of elderly individuals. There has also been an increase in the number of disabled people in general, meaning a greater need for disability and healthcare products.

The reason the disability aids market is growing

However, the growth may also be down to the disability aids market improving in general, with more sophisticated products emerging all the time. Having aids they can rely on means disabled people are more likely to stay in their own home, as oppose to going into sheltered or assisted living accommodation. According to statistics revealed by the government, there are around 11 million disabled people living in the UK. Of this figure, almost 40-percent are aged between 19 and 59 years-of-age. It is thought to be this age group that are most likely to rely on disability aids, as living independently will be important to them.
You can find more on our products pages at our Healthcare Products & Mobility Aids for the elderly pages.

Specialist companies provide better solutions

Selling a huge range of disability and mobility aids, Buckingham Healthcare knows very well, how these aids can provide an important lifeline for people living with disabilities. As well as encouraging safe and independent living, these aids can help people continue employment and getting out and about. Disability aids also reduce the likelihood of accidents relating to a disabled person’s limited mobility. Medical professionals run Buckingham Healthcare, so the healthcare products on sale are the very best there is available. Selling everything from eating, bedroom, and bathroom aids, Buckingham Healthcare also sells basic medical dispensers.

Regulated sales of some disability aids

According to statistics, the disability aids market is set to expand even further over the next ten years. Advancements in medical care, as well as improved care for disabled people in general may also explain the continuing rise. Increased protection from mobility aids salespeople is also credited with the improvement of the market. Until very recently, there was very little to protect disabled individuals from sales people selling mobility aids. This meant many individuals bought aids that were not fit for purpose or that were completely unsuitable for the person’s needs. However, the government stepped in and following an official investigation by the Office of Fair Trading, the market is now strictly regulated.

An innovative healthcare products provider

Because Buckingham Healthcare is run by people with over 35 years combined medical experience, disabled people can be reassured they are purchasing quality healthcare products. As the market continues to skyrocket, life for disabled people continues to be made that little bit easier with the use of mobility and disability aids.

Compact Easywipe Bottom Wiper

Revealed: The Truth About Bottom Wipers!

Bottom Wipers Disclaimer!

The fact is that although this article is all about Bottom Wipers, it’s really not as sensational as the title suggests. It’s a delicate subject which many people are sensitive about, and as you’ll read, we are respectful of that.

Making Life Easier

Bottom wipers can be an essential addition to the list of helpful gadgets for the disabled or elderly. There are certain conditions that people may become susceptible to that constrain the ability to reach very far. That’s when these toilet aids can become quite helpful. What this bottom wiper does is help you reach your buttocks so you can take care of your personal hygiene. With a number of these gadgets available, it can be hard to know which to choose. These types of wipers can make life easier for those who are disabled or simply older and can’t reach around to clean themselves any more.

Compact Bottom Wipers

The bottom wipers come in various sizes and you can find them with folding options as well as other functions. If you travel a lot, you’ll find the compact travel bottom wipers a perfect option for you – the most popular one is known as the ‘Compact Easywipe‘. Cleaning facilities also come in the form of bidets although they are less compact and portable than the bottom wipers. You’ll be able to have a fresher, cleaner feeling than you previously had, just by using simple toilet paper. You don’t need to worry about touching the paper either, as the Easywipe Bottom Wipers release the paper without needing to touch it.

Compact Easywipe Bottom Wiper

The Compact Easywipe is a Folding Bottom Wiper with discreet travel case

Comfortable To Use

These toiletry gadgets can work with paper or wet wipes and are quite resilient all the while being very lightweight. So, if you suffer from back injuries, they will not hurt you because of its heavy weight. The best kind of bottom wipers won’t feel like sandpaper either since some are manufactured with soft, latex-free materials. One of the biggest pluses is the fact that one of the main brands of wipers for bottoms has been designed by an Occupational Therapist for the utmost care. The ergonomic shape is designed to fit easily into your hand making it very easy to use.


Other Options To Bottom Wipers

Bidets also come in different sizes, as well as travel versions. These can include a soap dish inside the front to be used with water at a comfortable temperature. Travel models are battery operated offering a range of benefits that include a self-contained operation, various nozzles, as well as compact designs.

Where To Get Them

There is a lot of praise from the disabled and elderly when it comes to bottom wipers. In particular, there are many patients, people with disabilities, and those who simply cannot reach far anymore that enjoy the wipers from Buckingham Healthcare. Users proclaim their happiness about the shapes and lengths being perfect for their needs and people with prolapse discs and recovering from back surgery can use them without any discomfort. Independence is achieved with the compact Easywipe bottom wipers that can fit into any woman’s handbag and can bring back the confidence that may be lost when certain diseases, surgery or ageing occur.

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Buckingham Compact Easywipe Bottom Wiper

Pocket Easywipe Bottom Wiper