Help On Choosing Bedroom Aids

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An image of a woman sitting in bed with the divet wrapped around her.

A Poor Nights sleep can be extremely detrimental to our health.

How many nights have you or your loved one, tossed and turned, desperately trying to find a comfortable spot? Maybe it is a bad back, arthritis, multiple sclerosis – I could go on and on. It can be a disability we are born with, or something we have developed through disease or maybe a health problem that has been brought on as we reach our later years.

Whatever the cause for our discomfort, a good night sleep, can be hard to find.

Medical breakthroughs and Disability Aids

Life can certainly bring about its complications, and the bad backs; loss of eyesight, pain and stiffness, mobility problems, can all contribute to making your life pretty miserable. Fortunately for us, we live in an age of discovery.

Where medical breakthroughs may allow us to control the pain of our illness, and new technology and materials can create products to help ease the strain of daily living.

Using Bedroom Aids to help

Many people have told me how, at the end of an arduous day, all they want is a good nights sleep; but how instead, they struggle to even get into bed safely.

This is when items like the Bed Bar, which is a supporting grab bar, the  Leg Lifter, which will enable you to move a stiff or immobile leg into bed, or the Rota Cushion, which will prevent jarring or twisting as you slide out of a wheelchair and into bed, are essentials.

To be able to ensure that you are now in bed securely is the first step. Now that you are there, the Electric Pillow Lifter can help you to become comfortablewhether you want to sit up or lie down.

Keeping essentials close by

I’ve found from personal experience that we always want something after we arenice and comfortable in bed. Therefore I always keep my essentials on a table by my bed, the Bed Table On Wheels is so useful for this, as it is on wheels and has a raised edge to stop everything sliding off as you pull it to you!

One of my favourite items that I have recommended to many people who have problems sitting up in bed, is the Bed Rope Ladder. No, it isn’t a new way of getting into the loft, but a way to pull yourself up into a sitting position with a hand over hand movement, simple yet effective.

There are now Disability Aids for everything

Well hopefully you have found some ways to help bring that nights sleep well into your reach. You may think that in the morning, the only thing that would make it better, would be for someone else to make the bed, I know I do!

Now you can – well almost – the Bedmadeez is a new item that will take all of the hard work out of making that bed …..Sweet Dreams!

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