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The Importance of Daily Living and Mobility Aids for the Elderly
Having elderly loved ones can be very challenging – especially if they have a disability or limited mobility. Unless you’re
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Popular Types of Mobility Aids for Elderly People
If you are getting older and are likely to be confined to bed, you should think about mobility aids for elderly
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Disability Tips & Tricks: Use A Chair Raiser Set
If you or a loved one are have trouble getting up from a seating position, buying a well-made set can
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Chair Risers Are Making Life Easier In The Home For Many
Acknowledging that you are no longer as agile and flexible as you used to be can be very discouraging. Many
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Using Reachers For Independent Living
Elderly, Disabled, Injured? Is housework out of your reach? Are you a carer of someone who is elderly, disabled, injured
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The Growth of the UK Disability Aids Market
The UK disability aids market is continuing to expand at a startling rate, despite the dire state of the economy. It seems
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Compact Easywipe Bottom Wiper
Revealed: The Truth About Bottom Wipers!
Bottom Wipers Disclaimer! The fact is that although this article is all about Bottom Wipers, it’s really not as sensational as
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An image of a lady putting on a bra using the Bra Buddy dressing aid.
Have you ever tried to put on a bra by only using one hand?
I would challenge anyone to give it a go. No matter how hard you try to hold onto one end
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