Choosing Disability Aids For Dressing

For anyone with health issues and disabilities, dressing can be extremely challenging. Struggling with night time clothes having to come off, only to then have to redress for the morning, can feel soul destroying.

I have long known and commiserated with the difficulties associated with putting on a bra - we all know how awkward it can be, even without any physical restrictions.

Women of any age who have weakness in their upper limbs following a stroke, arthritis, or a broken limb in a cast,find it very difficult, or even impossible, to bring both ends of a brassiere together and can often require help to dress. Let us be honest, we ladies quite often would like some privacy and independence to do such things ourselves.

Dressing Aid  - The BraAngel

Wanting to solve this particular problem for ladies everywhere is what has moved me to develop the Buckingham BraAngel. The BraAngel Dressing Aid is placed around the neck and positioned between the cleavage, a soft chin pad helps to maintain the position, whilst allowing you to clearly see the fastenings.

It is even possible for women with only one arm to be able to put on their brassiere completely on their own.

Putting On Socks & Tights

Of course once we have mastered that, tights loom up large in the mind. We have found a womens tights dressing aid, to help make this task easier for those with less strength in the upper body, or limited movement. We mustn't neglect the men here of course, they might need help with putting on a sock.

Although, I confess, the item is called a womens stocking dressing aid, ( it can be used with stockings!), men and women find using this aid much easier. The sock is fed onto the plastic, the foot placed into the sock, which you then pull up the foot using tapes - voila!

Being Able To Reach Again

One item that quickly comes to mind when I consider the task of dressing is the Dressing Stick Deluxe, or some people call it the reacher dressing aid. It is essentially, a wooden handle with a large dressing hook at one end, and a smaller one at the other, to cover a large range of tasks.

For example, putting on jackets or shirts, skirts or even trousers. This can now be achieved, without the twisting and fighting with clothes, that can happen without this aid.

Hooking Up with The Zip Puller

A couple of seemingly innocent everyday items, can make people want to jump back into bed. Yes, they are the button and the zip!

I am sure you are all with me, when I say how frustrating they can be. I was particularly pleased when I found the Button Hook and Zip Puller, as it is really good value for money, and great for giving you back your independence.

The Kingpin Of Disability Aids

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the Long Shoehorn with hooked handle. This shoehorn is so very useful, that it quite often is given as gifts to people who have no disability or mobility problems at all. Shoes can be so unmanageable without it.

Maybe some of these ideas will help you to greater independence and take some of the frustrations out of your daily living.

I recently met a lady, who had an arm amputated, and wasn't looking forward to her husband having to dress her every day before work. The BraAngel in particular put a smile back on her face, and I hope that you have found something to help you too.

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Buckingham BraAngel

Buckingham BraAngel

Womens Stocking Dressing Aid

Womens Stocking Dressing Aid

Dressing Stick Deluxe 27

Dressing Stick Deluxe 27"

The Button Hook and Zip Puller - Dressing Aid

The Button Hook and Zip Puller

Long Shoehorn with Hooked Handle

Long Shoehorn with Hooked Handle

Author: Chris Buckingham