A Disability Aids Toilet Frame, Wherever You Go?

There will come a time for those of you who have a disability, or those who are dealing with the changes that sometimes come from old age, when your homes have been made safe and secure.

Grab bars are in place, ramps, chair raisers, every disability aids and appliances to make your lives more comfortable and daily living more independent.

Toilet Frames - An Essential For Some

It is of course essential to equip your bathroom with a suitable Toilet Seat and frame, when you consider that a great many people fall off toilets every year. Injuring yourself when falling off the toilet is a real possibility, especially if you are disabled or elderly.

Even if the injury is superficial, the knock to your confidence and dignity can be extremely detrimental. Once this has been sorted out you feel much safer and comfortable when you are getting on and off the toilet, having something to hold onto can make all the difference.

Toilet Frames: Used At Home or When Traveling

It seems that toileting troubles are not only experienced at home. A great many family members and caregivers have told me of loved ones who either do not want to go out at all. Or some family members will only take short trips, all the while appearing anxious to reach home again.

These worries usually stem from the anxiety of using toilets when out and about. Some areas do not have public toilets at all, others do not have disability toilets, or have been vandalised. Probably an even greater area for concern is using a toilet in a friend, aquaintance or family members home.

If your friend isn't disabled then they are highly unlikely to have a toilet that can be used easily, without the fear that you cannot get on, off, or even fall off.

Your Stories Led To A Portable Toilet Frame

It was stories like these, that I heard time after time, which really made me determined to find a solution. My team and I found a way to make a fully folding, secure & adjustable, portable toilet frame.

Something that can be folded in seconds, and popped into the car for visiting friends for a few hours, a lovely weekend away, or maybe a summer break. Because we've added a height adjusting mechanism, this makes the Foldeasy Toilet Frame suitable for all sorts of environments.

Since then we have added a number of new features, but the really important point is that it is easy to use, and can change the life of anyone who has struggled to go out and can now enjoy every day.

The Folding Toilet Frame Easier To Transport

By the way, if you're concerned about moving your toilet frame around, we have found that most people use the Foldeasy Carry Bag which is made from durable fabric with a handle for ease of use. I hope that these products will make a difference to your and your loved ones lives - Bon Voyage!

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Author: Chris Buckingham