Knork Knife & Fork Combined - Single in Tube

Knork Knife & Fork Combined - Single in Tube

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  • anne davidson - 29 May 2011

    I think the Knork is the best eating utensil ever. I bought one to try it and have since bought two full sets and some others for friends. It really does cut just like a knife yet it is not sharp to the touch. I have used other combination knifes and forks with serrated edges and they are sharp and dangerous to put in the mouth. The Knork is not. Its perfect. Also its a really sleek design and does not look like disabled cutlery. Anne.

  • Ruth Ascroft - 31 May 2011

    I'm an occupational therapist based at an inclusive living centre and lent a Knork to a 'product tester' who has had a dense stroke and has the use of her non-dominant hand only. She found it really easy to use, as a knife / fork combination, liked the look of the Knork and the weight. The Knork was washed in a dishwasher, as part of the testing, and came out like new! Our 'tester' has now bought some for her permanent use.