Buckingham Coolhand

Buckingham Coolhand

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Buckingham Coolhand

  • Allows you to easily carry plates safely and securely directly from the microwave
  • The clever kitchen aid secures the plate using the grip pads allowing you to lift the plate using the comfortable non-slip handle, so that your entire hand takes the weight
  • Ideal for anyone with arthritis, limited hand dexterity or who have difficulty with the pincer grip using thumb and forefinger
  • Suitable for use with most sizes of plate
  • Latex free, dishwasher safe and easy to keep clean with no dirt traps


Everyone knows that plates get hot when heating food in the microwave. The combination of the heat and weight of the plate with food on it makes it a dangerous and tricky action, which often can result is spillages and even dropping the plate.

The Buckingham Coolhand is a useful kitchen gadget that allows you to carry heated plates safely and securely directly from the microwave.

The Coolhand is a fantastic and innovative tool for anyone who uses a microwave in their kitchen and is particularly useful if you have limited strength and/or dexterity in their wrists, hands or fingers. It’s ideal for picking up and removing hot plates from the microwave to reduce the risk of burning your fingers or dropping the plates due to difficulty gripping the edge of the plate.

The Buckingham Coolhand uses the power of leverage to lift plates so that the entire hand takes the weight and not just the fingers. The plate is gripped and released, as simple as using a hand - except using a Coolhand is safer and more practical.

Take a look for yourself how easy the Buckingham Coolhand is to use

Buckingham Coolhand
Specification Product
Product Code
Height (cm) 28
Width (cm) 2
Length (cm) 10
Width between armrests N/A
Back bar to front support N/A
Depth including footplate N/A
Width including armrests N/A
Folded Dimensions (cm) N/A
Product Weight 104g
EAN Barcode
Packaging Weight 144g
Packaged Weight
Packaged Dimensions (cm) 14x2x26
Maximum User Weight N/A
Maximum Total Load N/A
Outer Box Quantity 40
Outer Box Dimensions (cm) 60x50x11
Outer Box Weight 5.3kg
Packaging Type Backing Card

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