Buckingham Healthcare Manufacturing, Product Development and Service Solutions in China

Office workers in Japan

China is a vast country and production is booming. Industry in China is extremely diverse and it is possible to source or manufacture almost anything you may require. Manufacture and sourcing in China is not without its challenges.

Services provided by Buckingham Healthcare can help you to overcome these challenges. We can immediately bridge the gap and can offer uninterrupted lines of communication between East and West. Western managers in China offices implement Western service standards whilst our Chinese employees play the invaluable role of breaking down barriers of communication and understanding with our manufacturing partners.  It is our aim and mission to provide all our services with Western Service and at a China Price, helping you to achieve what you cannot through lack of presence in China. We are your eyes and ears on the ground and not just a supplier, but your manufacturing partner in China.

Manufacturing machinery

Our manufacturing team are drawn from a wide range of engineering disciplines. We have extensive experience in plastics, metals, composites, electronics, paper products and some textiles. We assess each project and select the most suitable facility based on quantities and target prices. We then work with that factory undertaking a full project management service and reporting to our customers of progress and problems. Manufacture of any product will never be plain sailing, but we know that most problems can be solved with good communication.

Quite simply, you speak to us in your language and we speak to the factory in Chinese!

To complete the service, unless you specify otherwise, we'll be helping and advising you on all your logistical needs. With our own full time logistics team, we can help you move freight by any available method to anywhere in the world. For a fee we can also assist in storage of over productions in China for a fraction of the cost of warehouse space in the west and distribute to you in batches as and when needed.

Cargo port packed with containers


Buckingham Healthcare have been sourced to manufacture the Hygiene Handle by Pure Hold – a revolutionary new door handle that offers a significant improvement over traditional wall mounted hand gel dispensers and will help improve hand hygiene in hospitals and other healthcare settings. For more details see

Pure Hold Ltd selected Buckingham Healthcare as their manufacturer following a rigorous 3 month tender process that included three UK manufacturers and several foreign manufacturers. The Managing Director from Pure Hold Ltd said "It’s been a pleasure to work with Buckingham Healthcare on this project and their selection was based on cost, quality and customer service – all of which Buckingham achieve with a huge degree of success and professionalism".