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Eating is of primary importance for us all. This becomes even more important, when your nutritional needs are higher. Recovering from an operation, after an injury, and many different illnesses such as Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, kidney or liver disease,and other problems when you or your loved one, really does need the nutrition.

But of course these are the same times that it can be the most difficult to prepare food, or even hold cutlery. Those of you who have recently suffered a stroke, have cerebral palsy or arthritis, will almost certainly have experienced the difficulties surrounding each and every meal time. Quality eating aids can make all the difference

Of all the daily living skills, eating is an incredibly personal experience, and unless those with a disability or illness have help in some form, they often struggle to feed themselves. This can result in a loss of confidence and feeling as if they have lost their dignity. What is worse, this can cause a loss of appetite, and this lack of interest in food could even lead to malnutrition.

Innovative Eating Aids are what is needed

When considering these potential problems, it occured to me that through the use of innovative eating aids we should start by finding a way to bring the prepared meal from the kitchen to the dining or living room, for those who can.

I have designed the EasyCaddy; this fits most folding walkers, and is supplied with a tray which safely transports a plate of food and has a unique mug holder to transport a drink in a mug.

Once in a position to eat, none of us enjoy eating what should be a hot meal when it has gone cold, so the answer to that challenge came in the form of The Keep Food Warm Dish. Yes, the name says it all, the chamber underneath when filled with hot water, will keep food warm for extended periods of time.

For food that gets everywhere

To keep your clothes clean at meal times can be quite a problem , so I would recommend using a Dinner Bib. These are lovely and long to cover you well, with open and close snap buttons and poly/cotton front and waterproof backing for easy cleaning.

Quite often, those with poor voluntary control, incoordination, and those who have to eat one handed will need something extra to assist them. The Plate Guard can be fitted to plates creating a high inward sloping face to help with food collection and to prevent spillage. The Plate Guard is even useful for people with visual impairments.

Eating Aids for one handed use

When thinking of cutlery, we have some wonderful weapons in our armoury. The Knork is a great discovery, it is a fork and knife in one, allowing you to cut into your food using a simple rocking motion.

For anyone who has difficulty gripping or limited dexterity, there is a foam handle for the Knork, which is contoured to fit snugly in the palm of the hand. If you or someone you know has biting reflexes and limited co-ordination the Good Grip Desert Spoon and Good Grip Fork are really useful. They have built up handles that are easy to hold even when wet.

Eating Aids to help with drinking

To keep yourself hydrated well is a constant job. We all need to be drinking throughout the day to do this. Once again there is a perfect 'eating aids' product for that.

This is where the Caring Mug is invaluable. It is extremely durable and can be customised to meet your needs. One handle is adjustable and can be positioned anywhere around the mug to give the most comfortable grip. It has a small lid for liquids or a large aperture lid for thickened liquids. You will find the locking device on the handles simple and easy to use, which allows the handle position to be changed quickly and easily.

Drinking and meal times should be greatly enhanced by choosing those eating aids that will suit you best, and give a higher level of independence in your daily living.

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Buckingham EasyCaddy

Buckingham EasyCaddy

Buckingham Folding Walking Frame

Folding Walking Frame

The Keep Food Warm Dish

The Keep Food Warm Dish

Dinner Bibs / Adult Bibs

The Plate Guard

The Plate Guard

The Knork Fork Single In A Tube

Knork - Single in a tube

Buckingham contoured foam handle eating aid

Knork Foam Handle Eating Aid

Good Grip Desert Spoon eating aid

Good Grip Desert Spoon

Good Grip Fork

Good Grip Fork Eating Aid

The Caring Mug eating aid

The Caring Mug

Author: Chris Buckingham