Finding The Right Mobility Aid For You




As people age, walking can become more of a problem and the chance of falling greatly increases. ​There are a variety of walking aids and frames available for the elderly, the disabled and anyone with mobility problems



These aids will primarily be Walking Frames, also known as Mobility Walkers.

The reason is because many other devices, such as canes are much more difficult to use as they must be moved in a correct sequence relative to your legs.



The process can also be more difficult to explain to the user effectively how to use a cane rather than a mobility walker. This is particularly important when dealing with the elderly, who may have cognitive impairment along with weakness in their limbs and problems with balance.


The older style of frame has rubber tips, and must be raised and moved forward at every step, which of course does need a fair amount of strength in the upper body to be able to use it. This can actually be quite strenuos for anyone, and makes for very slow progress and a rather unusual gait.

A much better alternative is the Buckingham Frame Caddy. People with Parkinson's disease will find the wheels much easier to use as it will help to prevent the problem of falling backwards. The wheels ensure that there is no reason for lifting at every step anymore, which makes walking much more comfortable and less strenuous.



This is perfect for those that really enjoy getting out and about, it is a sturdy yet lightweight alternative as a mobility walker, that is simple to put into the boot of a car. Of course this also makes it ideal for travelling on public transport, just press the buttons to fold, you can then just lean it neatly against a wall wherever you are.


An innovation which is a must have for anyone who chooses a folding frame is the EasyCaddy. It consists of a tray and pannier which allows you to carry personal items and meals easily.

The Advantage Of Three Wheels

Another alternative which is very popular is a foldable, lightweight mobility walker called a Tri Wheel Partner. This has adjustable handles, locking handbrakes and tyres that do not need to be pumped up.



It will even fold flat into any car boot. Another benefit of the Tri Wheel Partner is the option of adding a basket or a bag, really helpful when shopping or just to hold some personal items or post.

The Advantage Of Four Wheels

Of course the easiest to use of all walking frames, is the four-wheeled walker. A great example of this is the Lightweight Standable Rollator.



With an aluminium frame, 8 inch castors,lock-on lever brakes,and padded seat and back rest, this is a fantastic way to get around safely and comfortably. It even has an under seat wallet and bag to help you when you are out for the day.

Walking aids are recommended for poor mobility, balance problems,for those with bilateral leg problems and for anyone with spinal problems,(the weight can be transmitted through the arms instead) and remember whenever you are tired that comfortable seat, is right there with you to sit on and rest for a while.


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Author: Chris Buckingham