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Modern Toilet Aids - Making Life Better for Those With Disabilities

Going to the toilet is probably the most basic of human functions, and yet many able-bodied people will take it for granted. For people living with disabilities, going to the toilet by themselves is either extremely challenging or even completely impossible.

However, there are a number of bathroom disability aids, or more specifically toilet aids, that can help a person use the bathroom completely unaided.

A Full range Of Toilet Aids

Buckingham Healthcare specializes in the supply of disability aids and because healthcare professionals run the company, there are aids available for every type of need and age group. If you have a child in a wheelchair or in hospital, a urinal aid can help spare their blushes when a trip to the toilet is impossible.

The ergonomic design and extended body, means this toilet aid is easy to use and will prevent your child from experiencing the embarrassment of accidents. For older people, the foldaway toilet frame is ideal for disabled people who need help getting on and off the toilet.

Because it folds away neatly, it is easy to transport and store. Something as simple as this toilet frame can mean the difference between a disabled person living at home and living in supported housing.

The Very Best Bottom Wiper Toilet Aids

The bottom wiper disability aid is designed to help individuals who find reaching a challenge or even impossible. Because of the way the bottom wiper has been designed, it is ideal for use by people who have limited dexterity. As well as helping the disabled person remain independent, this clever disability aid helps an individual maintain good personal hygiene.

The Buckingham Healthcare website believes this wiper aid to be one of the best toilet aids there is available on the market. The aid comes in a plastic container for discreet concealment in a jacket pocket or bag for when people are not in their own home.

Grab Rails & Raised Toilet Seats

Even the most basic of toilet aids such as grab rails and raised toilet seats can make all the difference to a disabled person’s quality of life. Being able to lift themselves onto and off the toilet unaided reduces the need for supervision or care. Grab rails play an important role in preventing accidents in the bathroom too.

For a person who has limited mobility, grab rails placed near the toilet and in the bathroom will allow them to move around unaided.

Inexpensive Toilet Aids

Toilet aids really are necessary for individuals living with a disability and many are inexpensive to buy too. Purchasing these aids encourages independence and enables the individual to perform their own hygiene routine.

As well as a variety of aids for the toilet, there are a number of bathroom aids that can help individuals have a wash or take a shower or bath. Regardless of a person's disability, there will be an aid to help improve their life.

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Author: Chris Buckingham